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This function allows measurement data to be imported to Excel and other Windows® applications. The interface and import software is already built-in, so all you have to do is to connect by just one cable.


UniBloc® Technology

Shimadzu has developed a completely innovative weight sensor by further modifying its OPF aluminum block weight sensor that it put onto the market ahead of other manufacturers around the world. This sensor is created by high-precision electric discharge wire processing applied to a block of aluminum alloy to replace the conventional sensor block assembly. This dramatically improves responce, temperature characteristics and impact resistance.

Menu Operation Key — Easy-to-Operate Key Layout

Keys exclusively for menu operations have been set aside from the measurement keys. Menus can be operated intuitively using the cross cursor key.


Easy Setting - Just Right for Your Weighing Application

During operation, if you want to make display slightly more stable or, alternatively, want to improve the response speed, you can make single-step adjustments without interrupting measurement. A special indicator for instantly showing adjustment status is also provided.

Built-in RS-232C Interface

The RS-232C interface is built-in as standard. When connecting to the PC, there is no need to prepare or attach a separate interface.


Piece Counting Mode (Counting Scale)

A built-in piece counting function enables the balance to be used as a counting scale (piece counter, piece scale).


Analog Bar Graph Display

The bar length changes according to the weight. A very handy function since it allows you to see at a glance how much more can be placed on the balance for weighing.


Specific Gravity Measurement

A built-in specific gravity calculation function allows the balance to also act as a hydrometer by adding on the optional specific gravity measurement kit.


Standard Below-Weigh Hook Installed

A hook for suspending the bottom dish from the bottom of the balance is provided as standard.


Interval Timer

Data can be automatically output at preset time intervals within the range 1 sec to 99 mins 59 secs in accordance with the balance's internal clock.


Auto Print

Automatically outputs data as each measurement is made. Combination with WindowsDirect creates a handy weigh-and-record system.


Comparator (Pass/Fail Judgment)

Setting the upper and lower limit values in advance allows pass, proper weight or underweight states to be displayed according to the sample weight. Output is via the relay contact signal and is notified by a buzzer. (optional)


Battery Drive

The balance can also be used outdoors or in other places without a power supply by connecting dry cells or an external battery (optional).


Peak Detection

This function detects and holds the balance's min. and max. indicated values. This can be used for simple fracture, tensile and compression tests.


Built-in Animal Measurement Mode

The weight of mice, rats, rabbits, and various other small animals can be measured. Stable indications can be obtained even if the animal moves.


Stacking Measurement

This function comes in handy when preparing multiple types of samples by weighing them one at a time.


LCD with Backlight

Weighing is possible, of course, in dark places, and measurement over a prolonged period of time at the regular work site can be performed without your eyes tiring.


All-metal Housing

All the housing parts are made of metal for high durability of components and quality of exterior case.


PSC (Perfect Self Calibration)

Electronic balances are precision instruments and are very susceptible to changes in room temperature. Sensitivity must be calibrated whenever required since changes in room temperature influence weight measurement values, which are not supposed to change. This is why the balance captures changes in room temperature that affect sensitivity and automatically starts calibration using built-in weights. This ensures that sensitivity is constant at all times, allowing the operator to concentrate on measurement tasks without having to worry about sensitivity calibration.

Timer CAL

The balance starts calibration using built-in weights at preset times of the day. If you set calibration times before important measurements (e.g. before starting work in the morning, or during the lunch or evening break), the balance will automatically start calibration when the preset time is reached. Consistent measurement is possible without worrying about sensitivity calibration.

One-Button Calibration

The balance incorporates motor-driven calibration weights. Sensitivity can be calibrated whenever needed by a single key press.


One-Lever Calibration

The balance has built-in calibration weights. Sensitivity can be calibrated whenever required by simply operating a lever or other control.


Built-in Clock Function

With the optional printer connected, records of data with date and time stamps can be produced. Calibration reports can also be date- and time-stamped, making it ideal for ensuring weighing control and traceability that meet the requirements of GLP, GMP and ISO-9000.

ISO Printing

Simply by connecting the optional printer to the balance, calibration information, such as the date and time of calibration, operator name, balance name and calibration results, can be automatically printed out. No troublesome setup is required at all. The current date and time can also be printed during measurement whenever required.



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