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Microscope CX41

Higher Demands? Here is your solution: CX41

The CX41 is your next step in professionalism of your business: More versatile, with advanced optical and system performances the CX41 can be fitted for most applications:

  • Routine Applications

  • Microbiological Applications

  • Cell Biological Applications

  • Pathology Applications

  • Hermatology Applications

  • Fluorescence Applications


  • A variety of observation methods can be performed, such as Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase contrast, polarization light, fluorescence and even Raman
  • Excellent UIS2 eyepiece provides wide field of view (FN20)
  • Wide choice of condenser available
  • Tilting binocular and a trinocular tube for extended observations are available
  • Dual observation attachment
  • Bright 30W halogen lamps with daylight filter
  • Rackless stage with enhenced operability
  • Coaxial coarse and fine adjusting knobs. Torque controlled
  • Outstanding flat images with PLCN objectives



Model CX41
Body Die-cast aluminium frame
Optical system UIS2 (Universal infinity-corrected) optical system
Illumination 30W halogen lamps, Köhler illumination, Hg lamp for fluorescence illumination
Focussing • Stage height movement
• Stroke per rotation: 36.8 mm
• Full stroke range: 25 mm
• Upper limit stopped
• Tension adjustment on coarse focus adjustment knob
Revolver Built-in 5 pieces
Stage Travelling range 76 mm (X) x 50 mm (Y), stage size: 188 x 134 mm
Objectives 4×, 10×, 20×, 40×, 60×, 100× (oil)
Eye piece (10×) Field number (FN): 20 (anti-fungus) or FN: 22 (wide field)

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