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Static Electricity Remover STABLO-AP

provides reliable measurement by removing static electricity


  • AC corona discharge method enables excellent ion polarity balance
  • Wide angle static removal
  • High performance maintained over a long period of use
  • No inverse charging
  • Shimadzu's unique 2-WAY Ionizer: hand-held / on stand



  • Static Electricity Removal by Ion Irradiation
  • With the high-frequency AC corona discharge method, Shimadzu’s STABLO-AP ionizer provides a stable ion balance and excellent static removal performance on samples and containers. Precision weighing work becomes remarkably efficient. Electrodes are safely housed inside the unit.

    comparison of static removal time STABLO-AP vs STABLO-EX


  • AC Method Produces Excellent Ion Balance

AC method: AC voltage is applied on the discharge needle and a well-balanced mixture of positive/negative ions is emitted in rapid alternation from one electrode.

DC method: DC voltage is applied to a couple of electrodes. One is positive and the other is negative. Each electrode emits ions of one polarity only. An effective static removal angle is limited if the two electrodes are distanced. As electrodes deteriorate, initial ion balance is lost.



On Stand
While being neutralized, charge-prone samples can be injected into a container without being scattered. You can also easily neutralize spatulas and sample bottles in the midst of the work flow.
Samples can be neutralized before weighing measurements.



Hand Held
You can neutralize sample static electricity during weighing measurements.
Move the unit freely to any position where static electricity is a concern and then neutralize it.



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