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Rotation evaporator QR 2005-S/-V

Premium rotation evaporator with motorized lift and integrated vacuum controller

  • Rotation evaporator, S- or V-type
  • Motorized lift for precise adjustments of the height and smooth movements
  • Digital rotation control from 20–280 rpm
  • Heating bath for bulbs up to 3000 ml, free adjustable, stainless steel with PTFE coating inside and double layer isolation outside
  • Digital control of the bath temperature from RT–180 °C, automatic shut-off in case of leakage of water
  • Integrated vacuum controller from 0–1013 mbar
  • Vacuum sensor, Glassware with 1 liter evaporating and sample bulb are included
  • Optional chiller available
  • Cooling temperature adjustable between RT and –20 °C, bath volume: 4l


Δt: Difference of boiling point of bath temperature and sample water


Ordering Information

  • Rotation evaporator QR 2005-S
    with vacuum controller and waterbath QH-3001, S-type
  • Rotation evaporator QR 2005-V
    with vacuum controller, and water bath QH-3001, V-type
  • Chiller QC-3005 for QR 2005-S/-V or other.
    Temperature range : –20 °C up to 20 °C
  • Diaphragm vacuum pump QP-0153


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